About Us

Welcome to Sugar Potion! We’re a mother-daughter team who set out to find an effective, natural solution to removing stubborn, coarse body hair. We tried all the traditional hair removal techniques out there, but nothing was working for our problematic combination of coarse hair and sensitive skin.


Shaving was a hassle and didn’t produce long-lasting results. Depilatories were too harsh and very hit or miss. Oh, and traditional waxing? That just plain hurt! Was it really too much to ask to find a safe, natural, effective hair removal technique that didn’t result in excruciating pain, irritation, or bankruptcy? We didn’t think so. That’s why we put on our thinking (and chemist) caps and made it our goal to create the product we needed.


After some trial and error (and lots of sticky messes), we developed our signature product, Sugar Potion—a gentle, all-natural hair removal gel that contains just three simple ingredients: sugar, lemon, and water. That’s it (yes, really!).


This sugar wax can be applied to any part of the body, doesn’t require heat, and is used with reusable, non-woven strips. It effortlessly removes hair from its root, yet is much more gentle than traditional waxing (#neveragain). After removing the hair, the gel easily washes away with water, making for an easy-breezy cleanup.


It’s perfect for all skin types and hair textures, even those with sensitive skin and conditions that cause excess hair, such as PCOS and hirsutism. Even better? Each time you remove your hair with Sugar Potion, the hair that grows back will be finer and sparser. The end result is silky smooth, hairless skin that lasts for four to six weeks. What is this sorcery!?


We’re so excited to share our natural hair removal gel with men and women looking for a safe, gentle, and effective way to remove unwanted hair. After using Sugar Potion, we have no doubt you’ll feel smoother and more confident than ever before!